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bdp Mechanical Components was founded in 1982. We are headquartered in Berlin and have another 14 offices in Germany, China, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, and Switzerland. We are a global supplier in the field of mechanical components manufactured by both traditional technologies (such as casting, forging, stamping, machining etc.) and the most advanced technologies (such as Sintering, MIM etc.) with a partner network in 3 continents: Asia, Europe and North Africa.

Our benefit for you - our customers and suppliers: We are on site for you. Where you cannot be due to distances, capacities or current conditions. We as bdp are on site in the countries of our customers as well as in the factories; if it will have to be, within a few hours for the immediate solution of a problem. Anyone who has ever ordered casting and forging technology "from abroad" will appreciate this. A project development, a production ramp-up and also the permanent quality monitoring must be accompanied "on site" despite all modern means of communication. bdp Mechanical Components is "on site" for you. We are there where you need us.

Our customers include medium-sized enterprises and large & medium-sized enterprises from Germany, Spain and China. bdp Mechanical Components strives to provide customers with personalized service “from business to business”. We offer our customers the best solutions through continuous market insight and thorough knowledge of local markets. Besides, our team provides advisory services for project development. We help our suppliers develop continuously to prepare them optimally for the continually increasing market requirements.

Based on the fair principle, we are committed to building long-term friendly business relationships between customers and suppliers that we stand for. In 2016, bdp Mechanical Components was acquired by the bdp Group, which has been rated as eligible by the Bundesbank for more than two decades and ensures the further development of our company through this economic stability.


Our branches in Spain and China are ISO 9001:2015 certified and many of our suppliers are IATF 16949 certified.


As a leading procurement and quality control service provider in Germany, bdp Mechanical Components is committed to purchasing high-quality castings, forgings, machining and automotive parts for European manufacturing companies from China and Eastern Europe. We currently deliver more than 50 European customers in the automotive, engineering, railroad, energy, gas and liquid transportation sectors.


All kinds of the casting process, forging process, welding process, stamping process and metalworking technologies.

Reference Projects:

Project A | Project B | Project C


Cast iron, cast steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel, rubber and plastic.

Products and Industries

Automotive industry, fluid engineering industry, construction machinery industry, various cast iron castings, steel castings (including stainless steel), copper aluminum-zinc castings, forged steel parts, copper aluminum forgings, metal welding parts and metal processing parts.

Our experienced technical engineers are proficient in casting, forging, stamping, welding, the metalworking process, and the quality control of each process at the production site and are available to assist customers in every way throughout the entire process of product development, manufacturing, quality, packaging and transport.

Testimonials from our customers

  • Customer from the automotive industry
    Particularly in the case of high-quality materials or technologies, we also like to use bdp Mechanical Components as a strategic sourcing service provider. In such a case, the research and supplier search take up a lot of time and resources. With bdp, we have access to a large number of long-standing, experienced and audited suppliers. Depending on the customer-specific component, bdp makes the pre-selection for an adequate prospective supplier. By working together, we have been able to significantly shorten the awarding time and reduce the planned costs.
    Customer from the automotive industry
  • Customer from the heat and heating technology
    bdp Mechanical Components Germany GmbH offers products in an attractive price segment with the requested quality. In doing so, bdp acts as a reliable and high performing partner.
    Customer from the heat and heating technology
  • Customer from the heating and process heat industry.
    Everything from a single source. Combines the advantages of the European and Asian markets. International team implements projects from start to series production and coordinates with local manufacturers. Offers competent support in both the technical and management areas.
    Customer from the heating and process heat industry.


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Dr. Michael Bormann


CEO of the bdp Group

Fang Fang


COO of bdp Mechanical Components

Robert Klinger


Sales and Technical Manager of bdp Mechanical Components Germany

Paloma Alcaide


Executive Secretary and Assistant of Mechanical Components España bdp S.L.

Carmen Navarro


Back office sales of Mechanical Components Espana bdp, S.L.

Carlos Carulla


Sales Manager of Mechanical Components España bdp, S.L.

Sindy Pei


Team leader of bdp Mechanical Components China

Jane Chu


Accounting Manager of bdp Mechanical Components China

Chuanying Cui


Technical Manager of bdp Mechanical Components China

Eric Tang


Sourcing and Purchasing Manager of bdp Mechanical Components China

Lynn Zhu


Supplier Quality Manager (SQM) at bdp Mechanical Components China

Piotr Banaszek


Sourcing & Purchasing Manager of bdp Mechanical Components Poland

Magdalena Cebo


Sourcing & Purchasing Manager of bdp Mechanical Components Poland

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