Quality Control Management Service

We provide quality control management solutions for medium-sized European customers.

Our Services

  • Supplier background check
  • On site audit
  • Production process audit
  • First sample inspection
  • Dimension, and function inspection, appearance, CPK/CMK analysis reports
  • Inspection in the early, middle, and final stages of mass production
  • Inspection before delivery
  • Special inspection such as pressure leakage test, tensile test, nondestructive test, and air-tightness test

After the inspection, bdp will prepare bilingual product dimensional inspection reports, functional reports, and EN10204-3.1 material certificates and send them to the customer. Suppose specific dimension data is identified to be unstable. In that case, we will timely make relevant, useful improvement suggestions to prevent the occurrence of defective products in future batches and avoid customer loss.

Whether you are facing delivery delays, quality defects, or general supplier problems, bdp can fully meet your demand with our quality control schemes.

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Why bdp Mechanical Components?

Sourcing on the other side of the world is risky because importers generally cannot get to the production site in person, let alone supervising the production process. If you are in Europe, while your supplier is in China, smooth communication can be quite tricky in the case of quality problems. If you have to rework, repair, return, or wait to replenish defective products in Europe, it is time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive. If you do not speak Chinese or have to go to China for inspection or factory audits frequently, it is even more infeasible. However, use bdp to step in and understand the scale, production capacity, process equipment, technical level, inspection equipment and other factory elements in advance, identify problems in the production process and carry out rectification at the first moment. It will reduce the steep cost of remedial work afterward. Before your products are shipped, the inspection of products before delivery and a detailed quality inspection report can avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

Why is inspection necessary?
  • Avoid product defects and delivery delay: Product inspection can minimize the release of defective products to the clients, detect defective products as early as possible and verify the quality and quantity of goods.
  • Take emergency and remedial measures at the first moment: Inspection can help you determine the overall quality of the order and decide whether to take corrective actions before the goods are delivered from the factory.