Training for negotiation in international procurement communication

The big challenge of cross-cultural procurement is to face customers and suppliers with different nationalities, not only to understand their needs, thinking modes and working habits but also to blend in with local culture to accelerate both parties' running-in period.

To communicate effectively, we have to understand each other's cultural environment to lay a foundation for long-distance communication in the future.

Training Content

  • Skills for effective cross-cultural communications
  • Germans in the eyes of Chinese vs. Chinese in the eyes of Germans
  • Sino-German negotiation case
  • Chinese negotiating style
  • Preparation and strategy before negotiating with Chinese suppliers
  • How to handle conflicts and break the deadlock
  • Role-play

Thorough preparation for procurement negotiation can help clients win the final sprint. Unlike our business negotiation training, our procurement negotiation sharing focuses more on case analysis and systematic preparation of procurement negotiation to help European purchasers better understand their own negotiation styles and advantages and adopt effective negotiation styles and skills for different cultural situations to achieve a win-win situation!