Culture & Values

We have an inclusive and diversified corporate culture, which we like to call our "onion-culture", consisting of one layer of German culture, one Chinese layer, and a Spanish and Polish layer. We try to integrate the quintessence of Chinese and Western culture, including oriental wisdom ("Sun Tzu's Art of War") and Western management experience ("Six Sigma"). We respect our employees' individual differences in education, knowledge, personality, age, race, gender, religion, EQ, pattern, work style, and other aspects. We are well aware that on the one hand, enterprises can obtain a variety of creative insights by leveraging the advantages of employees' different educational backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and work experiences; on the other hand, teams with different cultural backgrounds and knowledge structures can better understand customers' needs and preferences to provide them with more personalized services and solutions.

Focus on customers

Guided by customer demand, we are always customer-centered and attach great importance to customer relations. We are well aware of the challenges faced by our customers. In cooperation with customers, we put ourselves in their shoes, continue to learn, make comprehensive improvements, and spare no effort to create the maximum value for our customers.


We build a highly efficient team through our concerted efforts. We work together across national boundaries, trust each other, share knowledge, and meet new challenges proactively, striving to reduce costs and increase customer efficiency.


Since we value a sincere basic attitude and trust people, we place great value on honesty and credibility in all customer, employee, and business relationships. We identify ourselves as committed, hardworking, open, with integrity, and in touch with reality in the way we work. We convince based on data and facts.

Respect and inclusiveness

We are a global enterprise with employees of various cultural backgrounds, nationalities, religions, genders, ages, and capabilities. We respect each other and accommodate each other's personalities. Behind this is our shared conviction that each individual can learn and improve from experience on their responsibility.

Continuous innovation

We build a learning team, innovate working approaches and skills regularly, continuously improve service quality, break inter-departmental barriers, optimize processes and systems continuously, and improve enterprise operation efficiency.


We observe the principles of sustainability when selecting producers, production processes and optimising transport routes. Of course, we are ISO 9001 certified. We would like to contribute to maintaining a liveable environment in the future.