Strategic Procurement Consulting

In the fierce global competition many European companies have benefited from cooperating with bdp, thanks to our strong supplier network and professional sourcing, technology, quality, logistics and project operation teams. Our procurement centers in Poland and China focus on different aspects of the strategic procurement process: From sourcing, technical and cost analysis, factory audit, contract signing, quality control, project management, production order follow-up, quality control, before, during and after production, inspection and shipment to delivery.

Our Services

  • Procurement demand analysis
  • Planning, development, implementation and control process of supply chain strategic procurement strategy (PDCA)
  • Determine procurement plans, criteria, and quality assurance requirements for supplier selection, specify the quality standards and technical requirements and determine the quality control documents
  • Analysis of the possible risks of the supply chain
  • We recommend potential suppliers from China and Eastern Europe, audit suitable suppliers and create a preliminary supplier selection list for you
  • Strategic negotiation: Commercial negotiation with evaluated and qualified suppliers, total cost management, identification of production process monitoring and quality assurance programs

We are not just buyers but sourcing experts who are knowledgeable in the field of casting and forging. We can integrate sourcing, price, quality, and compliance experience with our core competencies and soft skills. From sourcing to delivery, we are your procurement/purchasing consultant, relationship manager, legal and risk manager, coach, and negotiator, helping you achieve your goal of reducing procurement costs and optimising indirect spending.


Fang Fang