Supplier Audit

bdp Mechanical Components can represent you in China and offers you professional audit services.

Our experienced team can help you audit the following matters:

  • Document system review: such as documents created during purchasing activities or product development
  • Maintenance records of production equipment, inspection equipment, measuring equipment, mold, fixture, the presence of signatures
  • Incoming and outgoing inspection reports, initial sample test report
  • Golden sample list of materials and samples
  • Records of inbound/outbound materials and finished products
  • Records of unqualified materials and finished products, repair and rework
  • Production process flow charts
  • Corrective and preventive measures correction list
  • Workshops, fire facilities, hazardous goods identifications, material identifications, plans
  • Interviews with workers and managers

Within one week after the audit, we will issue a bilingual factory audit report.

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A supplier audit, outsourced to bdp Mechanical Components, can avoid the following potential problems:
  • Travel and entry restrictions in the Covid-19 situation
  • High travel costs
  • Language barrier
  • High communication costs
  • Long delivery time
  • Well-prepared documents, but very poor execution
  • Product quality failing to meet your requirements
  • Dishonest suppliers
How to reduce such risks?

Only on-site audits can provide a more in-depth insight into the supplier's operations to evaluate whether they have the appropriate management and control capabilities in the manufacturing process for stable product manufacturing. However, it may be highly troublesome and expensive for you to come to China from Europe for factory inspection. In addition to language issues, you may not be familiar with the tips and tricks for a professional Chinese factory audit.


If you are working with a supplier for the first time, you should not take risks lightly. Before placing an order, it is advisable to inspect your suppliers in China. It is not about whether they have state-of-the-art production and inspection facilities but about their production and operations effectiveness. Besides, you can randomly select a customer's order to track the material flow of the order from the start of production, such as the review and internal implementation of the customer's order, the release of the production order and the delivery quantity of each process recorded in the production flow sheet (including outsourcing), to the delivery of products with a specific batch number to the customer according to the order. On the other hand, based on the order number on behalf of the customer, the following can be checked: Inspection records of incoming raw materials, incoming inspection records of outsourced/purchased parts, inspection records of each process in production, laboratory inspection records, delivery inspection records and whether they comply with the relevant SOP, control plans, flow charts, and inspection instructions. Also, it can be checked whether production schedules and daily production reports show the internal scrap rate, internal correction reports and verification mechanisms, as well as whether there are customer complaints and how the 8D reports are submitted and closed. If no problems are found in this process, it indicates that the factory is quite reliable.