Locking sleeve
24. January 2021
Valve body
25. January 2021
Locking sleeve
24. January 2021
Valve body
25. January 2021

Guide block

Project reference: Guide block - German customer, Chinese subsidiary in the automobile industry, with an annual procurement amount of 700,000 euro. The material is 20MnCrS5 finished by machining, with the requirement of surface cleanliness. The project is the customer's second source of goods, with cost and fast switch requirements.

Project difficulties and solutions:

Low project cost target

Since the product was the customer's second source of goods, with the requirement of identifying a dust-free workshop enterprise, the cost of professional automobile manufacturing enterprises was relatively high. To reach the customer's target price, after sourcing, we cooperated with a company that met the cost requirements and was willing to enter the automotive industry, improve the corporate management team, and had specific individual strengths.

Tight project schedule

The end customer required urgent switching and mass production, bdp helped our direct customer to switch quickly.

Special material
The material 20MnCrS5 was not common in the Chinese market, whereas 20MnCr5 was available in stock. Moreover, the European standard 1.7149 corresponded to the Chinese material of 20MnCrS5 or 20MnCr5.
Many difficulties in batch production capacity ramp-up
Due to the immediate requirement for the capacity ramp-up after mass production, resources were scheduled urgently with equipment and personnel's input to meet the customer's production cycle needs. After the emergency delivery, specific problems such as surface scratches and bumps and an excessively long QR code scanning time arose.
Many requirements for batch supply
After entering the batch production stage, the customer had regular annual audit requirements, such as traceability self-inspection, product audit, CQI-9 audit of the heat treatment process, and VDA6.3 audit.

Added value of bdp:

  • We successfully cut the cost by 10%–15%.
  • After communicating with the direct customer, we conducted short-term 20MnCr5 material switching and the subsequent 20MnCrS5 procurement plan and met the customer production line's urgent needs.
  • We collected the data, analyzed the root causes of surface scratches and bumps and QR code scanning, and completed the 8D report. We communicated with the customer on-site and solved the relevant problems. The project entered a stable stage of regular batch supply.
  • We organized and prepared various matters with the supplier, sorted out the production process, and completed the self-audit and customer site audit.

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