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25. January 2021
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25. January 2021

Locking sleeve

Project reference: Locking sleeve - German customer in the automotive industry, with an annual procurement amount of 1 million euro. The material is malleable iron cast by DISA line.

Project difficulties and solutions:

It was not common to manufacture automobile parts with this material in China

In China, it is common for many producers to use malleable iron to produce pipe fittings. However, they seldom use this material to produce automobile parts, usually made of ductile iron. In addition, in this case, the grade of materials was higher than that of standard pipe fittings. Hence, it was highly difficult to manufacture. Before application to the automotive industry, a supplier's capacity, technical capability, and project management ability should be adequately evaluated. Hence, after sourcing, we found a company very familiar with the material (without experience producing automobile parts) and willing to make automobile parts. With a good intention of cooperation, they undertook and carried out the project.

Producer’s production experience with auto parts needs improvement

The casting problem could thus be solved successfully. However, it was still tough to manage and improve the producer. Since producer’s experience in making automotive parts still needs improvement making automobile parts, he had little knowledge of the system, management requirements, project operation, production control, and other automobile industry aspects.

Added value of bdp:

  • We successfully cut the cost by 20%–30%.
  • We spent much time training and upgrading the supplier, including change management, traceability management, PPAP process training, production control, and personnel training.
  • We built a bridge between customer and supplier, extended our professional expertise of project operation to supplier and customer, and helped the supplier solve casting defects, hardness problems, and dimensional problems.

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