Technical Consulting

Our technical team will review your drawings, sketches or samples in order to evaluate and decide which production technology best suits your needs, thereby outlining the best option in terms of quality and price. We are capable of analyzing the drawings not only concerning the design but also the manufacturer’s side and thus giving you suggestions in order to adapt your design to the specific manufacturing technology and know-how of our partners.


We have a skilled and experienced technical team that works with our partners’ technicians on a daily basis focused on efficiency, quality and cost to ensure the best technical solution for you.

Technical Consulting
International Sourcing

International Sourcing

When it comes to delivering the products to you, we find – and work with the delivery conditions and suppliers that best suit your needs. It does not matter whether they are DDP, CIF, FOB… Do you need an LCL delivery instead of an FCL delivery? No problem, we use synergies to achieve LCL deliveries with a minimal economic impact in the final price per part.

Management and customs, tax and import-export consulting

Do you have overseas locations and need consulting services on customs, tax or import-export? Our bdp Team will analyze your case, and give you the best solution to increase your profit.
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Import-Export consultancy

International Consulting


Import / Export Consulting

Import / Export Service for customers from China to Europe

Terms of trade/delivery

Strategies for international negotiations

Accompany clients during negotiations

International Contracts

Full service (one stop agency) to set up a subsidiary in China

Tax, Law, Accounting


Offices in Germany, China and Spain
Founding member of EuropeFides with offices in more than 20 countries

International taxation consulting / avoid of double taxation

Tax strategy to optimize world wide taxation

Withholding Tax

Corporate Income Tax

“Plus” taxes

Permanent Establishments

Local Accounting in Germany, China and Spain by own offices

Transfer of the local Accounting into Group Accounting of parent company

Transfer of the local Auditing into Group Auditing of parent company

Corporate and Real Estate Law in Germany, China and Spain



Consulting in International Financing

Local Financing in Germany, China and Spain

Bridge Financing

Asset / working capital financing

Support to issue corporate bonds

Financing to set up a subsidiary in China