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What we can do for you…

bdp Mechanical Components is focused in industrial supplies for medium and big sized customer covering almost any type of series, from 100 to 500.000 parts/year. We even can work with smaller sized series for special projects. See some examples of products that we are currently producing for several kind of industries.


According to the requirements for each industry the minimum quality certification of our associate producers is ISO 9001, but we also have associated producers with different certifications, as ISO/TS 16949 for those involved in our automotive projects.


bdp Mechanical Components, together with the rest of bdp Team, can also offer a number of services in the fields of Technical Advisory, Import-Export, Management, International Sourcing.

Who we are…

bdp Mechanical Components continues the activity of a worldwide organization with more than 30 years experience supplying mechanical components for every industrial sector.


Our organization started in 1982 supplying casting products from the Eastern Europe to german customers and has spread all along Europe and China in order to find the right supplier for each necessity of each customer.


In this line, our production portfolio has increased from only iron castings, to steel castings, forgings, stampings, machinings… always with high quality requirements and price effective solutions.


In 2016, the bdp Group has included our organization in its own structure in order to warranty the growth that the market was demanding, representing a step forward in the services that we can offer.


Therefore, now bdp Mechanical Components is able to supply products in the production status that the customer needs (from rough parts to finished parts ready for assembly) and many other services as consulting in areas as technical, management and customs, tax and import-export consultancy.


Get in touch with us and we will give you outstanding service.